Sunday, May 20, 2007

What's Up

It's been a busy last couple weeks. I was flown to Georgia for work, and I'll be going back there a couple more times before it's done. The people in Georgia are very nice and I really enjoyed the trip. I thought I'd have time for knitting, but it turned out it was only at the airport and on the plane. I didn't even get any photos taken to share except for on the plane.

I tried to follow directions. I'm knitting these Tofootsies socks on size zero needles. I love how the sock feels being so compacted with the smaller needles.

Blake Lewis is still in the running on American Idol. They had a parade for him here in Bothell, and while we couldn't make it to watch the event we did like the banners they had.

The flowers in the back yard sure took off while I was away. Here's a shot of some of them for you.


Sheila E said...

Welcome to the world of trippin' for work & being SO glad to be home again....I guess you have been hanging with us too long!! It has it's merits ;)
Your flowers are beautiful...sunny too!
Go Blake!!

Sam said...

Barb, your flowers are *lovely*! And now you've gone and done it - must make a Tofusie sock. ::Sigh:: ;-) I'm so glad you're home!

ChickenChum said...

Nice flowers! I think I heard this morning that Blake is out,
: ( glad to hear your trip was good, George was very impressed with the Kentucky Derby guy you met!