Saturday, June 30, 2007

Quick Update

I'm headed out for a week in Alpharetta GA tomorrow. I must admit I spent some time on the deck spinning and enjoying myself in preparation. Here's the South Pacific silk/merino from Lisa Souza that I finished spinning. 390 yards there. I have some silk/merino in the Elecktra colorway that will go well in a shawl with this yarn. Now to spin it!

See the new rocker that Wayne bought and put together for me! I just love it.

I will leave you with the joint power of the minds. You see Missy and Emma do combine their powers when it comes to opening doors. Never mind the dirty window -this is about the only time I'll get a photo of them doing something collaboratively.


Sheila E said...

Take good care of yourself while traveling My Friend! Have a great trip...enjoy the fireworks & hopefully some bar-b-que!
Your new yarn is way yummy!
The rocker is perfect for your wheel!
Wayne ROCKS!! Can you fit it into your suitcase? ;)
I absolutely ADORE the picture of Missy and Emma!! They are so cute when they beg!!

Romi said...

Beautiful yarn!

Have a wonderful time. :)

Kerry said...

Geography is not my strong point, but if you're near Stone Mountain in GA over the 4th, I am willing to bet they'd have an amazing show!

Beautiful yarn!

Anyone with pets knows what windows are SUPPOSED to look like but know the smudges are way better! Cute babies!

ChickenChum said...

I like your new rocker and how can you resist the awsome mind power of those two cuties?
Have a good trip!

Sam said...

Bwaha - I love that photo of the two of them!! Beautiful yarn, too. Travel safely and come home soon. :-)

jackie_knits said...

WOW! Love your South Pacific - it's sending waves of cool ocean breezes on these hot,sultry days. Missy & Emma look like Best Friends. Wanna meet for bubble tea in August?

jenknits said...

Too sweet. Give that Missy a sniff from her Bagel boyfriend.