Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Neighbors and Tour de Fleece

We have a new family living next to us, but I expect they will fly the coop soon. They have had babies and are busy tending them. It's fun to watch the parents running to and fro taking care of their brood. Wayne took these photos with our big Cannon digital camera and a telephoto zoom lens. We're going to be using it later this year, so we're getting it out and blowing the dust off it.

Our humming bird feeder is a hit with some hummers in the area. We've tried a couple of different feeders this year, and so far this one is the one they like the best.

I've been very busy with work the last couple weeks. It's been a blur working various weird hours, and the traveling always takes the wind out of my sails. I flew to Atlanta on Sunday, but my luggage went to St Paul. It didn't find me until Tuesday night. This was a first for me, and I learned a lot from it. It was an adventure gathering things to get by; not knowing if the bag would turn up in a few hours or a few days. Always check your luggage ticket to see if it's going to the same location that you are. Never pack your true necessities in the checked baggage. I agree I wouldn't check a bag if I could help it, but alas it was not and probably won't be possible in my travel situation with what I need to carry on already. On a good note, I'm getting pretty good about tossing out the laptop and bagged liquids, other electronics and shoes off to get through the inspection line.

It's good that there is a spinning guild meeting tomorrow and Jen and Sam will be there. I'm really looking forward to it. I love this guild because #1 they are very outgoing and friendly and #2 their spinning day of the month falls on a weekend, and #3 there is ample time to get into the spinning and visiting before it's time to go home.
I've got a spinning project underway for the Tour de Fleece! It's fun to set yourself a goal and work towards it. Photos will follow in the next few posts! I've got the T-Shirt ordered, and I'm spinning away.
I celebrated the kickoff of the client I am working on at work, going into production this week. Celebrating being, purchasing a new tea pot. I love the clear glass tea pots and this one jumped out at me. I made a batch of Fairy Nectar tea in it today and poured it over ice. Yum! I got a couple nice mugs that are clear glass to go with it, but they weren't ready to have ice and then warm tea poured over it. I didn't want to chance it.


vanessa said...

losing your bags is very frustrating!

someone gave me the tip of putting a luggage tag inside the bag also, in case the outside one falls off, they know who the bag belongs to.

Joanne said...

So sorry to hear about your bags! Glad that your stuff got found eventually, though...I enjoyed your bird shots! I saw a humming bird this AM too, and it really cheers me. They are amazing creatures.

Your teapot is gorgeous. I have a little glass one I use every day. I understand why a new one would bring such pleasure!

Sheila E said...

Glad to have you back My Friend!!
The birdie pix are fantastic! The lens practice is wonderful!
I too love hummers! They are small and sassy!!
Your new teapot is clear glass!! I like the shape of the pot and handle.
Have fun with the *Tour* are such an awesome spinner!!

Romi said...

I love hummers! (I mean the little cute flying ones). :)

So sorry about your bags! :P