Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Caught in Action

Here I am, working on Le Tour de Fleece project! Notice the new scarf? It's a Fiber Trends pattern called Versatile Scarves designed by Evelyn A. Clark. Thanks Jen for taking my photo!
I have plied some of the spinning I've been working on. I will post photos soon. I'll be at the Mariner's game tomorrow for the Stitch and Pitch game. Woo Hoo!


Sheila E said...

To paraphrase JT....whenever I see your smiling face, it makes me smile myself...cause I love you...yes I do!!
Lovely pictures My Dear Friend!!

jackie_knits said...

You're so motivated and talented! I'm hoping to gain some inspiration when next we meet. It's so reassuring to know Jen has fabulous friends in her life. Just think, if it weren't for YOU she'd be missing out on the Stitch'N Pitch! Don't forget to watch the game,too! Or is it all about the fiber??