Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wet and Wooly

We've had some needed rain the last few days. It's warm outside and the air smells clean and fresh. I have a couple photos to share.

Below is Sam with a Le Tour De Fleece bobbin that she's working on. I too have been spinning for Le Tour De Fleece, however I haven't taken photos of myself spinning. I should be plying soon and will get you a photo of some sock yarn made out Great Balls of Fiber by Sarah Anderson of Snohomish WA. It's in a colorway called Midnight River. I got my V neck T-shirt the other day! It makes spinning go that much better. Perhaps it's the white shirt making a nice background for the dark black, navy, and light blue fiber; but I think it's the knowledge that others across the world are wearing their T-shirts and the vibes of spinning wheels and drop spindles is emitting a sonic energy that drives my feet to tap out a speedy spinning rhythm in harmony with them all. That's just my take on it.

Here's a Victorian Shoulderette shawl I finished out of Blue Moon yarn. Jen and I started an impromptu knit-along with this pattern. I can't wait to see Jen's version. She's using handspun and it's looking beautiful so far. Funny how starting this project at Sheila's home caught me without the right size circular needle. Sheila and Michael were able to fix me up with a gorgeous pair of clover green glass circulars. They are awesome. I'll be having fun with them for years to come. The T-shirt I've got on with the shawl is a gift from my sister, Sandy. See, it fits! Thanks Sandy!

Sheila sent me a present! She and her daughter, Kate, took photos at the Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon and Sheila made some cards for me. She even made the envelops. Imagine my surprise when I realized that those spinning photos are of me.Her and Kate just made me look really good. What can I say? We had such a fun time at the BSG, and these cards are a wonderful reminder. I will have fun using them and sending them to special people. The blue scarf in the background is made from some handspun I dyed a while ago. It's just a small scarf that is very soft. The fiber I used is called "soft wool" and it is a blend of Targhee, Rambouillet, and Merino fibers. The darker blue has some of Lisa Souza's Starry Nights Tencel plied in. I got some of the "Old Gold" color of Tencel at Stitches West from her. I am looking forward to finding the perfect project for it.


vanessa said...

how lucky are you to have cards specially made!

ChickenChum said...

What pretty pictures! I love that little shawlette!
What cool pressies from Sheila too!

jenknits said...

I just emailed you a photo of you spinning in your new tour de fleece shirt. Maybe it will be blog worthy? Love the new scarf! But where is the Missy model?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I recognize those hands. ;-) Your Shoulderette is gorgeous, Barb - so glad I got to see it in person! Great pictures. :-)