Saturday, April 28, 2007


Wayne and I worked on the small pond in our back yard. Here it is with waterfall. I'll be smoothing out the dirt around the pond and we'll probably use some beauty bark to keep the weeds down. I'm a big fan of flower planters or pots to add some colors. The darn morning glory takes over so quickly and I seem to be able to keep it out of well filled pots.

Speaking of pots, the dahlias seemed to have survived the winter in their planters. I cleaned out the weeds and found little dahlias trying to grow. So I added some fertilizer and some dog/cat safe slug bait and we will tend these little babies as they grow. They must be hardy, it got very cold this winter. Okay, so we took a break, my dogs were tired! That sun felt so good today.

Lisa Souza sent my order of Cam-Oh! Blue Faced Leicester fiber! It is so soft and lovely, I can't wait to start spinning! I got a pound of it, and I'm thinking of a vest, or perhaps some felted items. I'm just not sure yet. She also sent me some of Brenda Patipa patterns that I had ordered. I got Twist & Lace, and Do the Wave.
I went to Cerritos California this last week for a few days. There was a pond on the corner of the block next to the building where our class was held. One day something caught my eye, and it turned out to be turtles. Here's some photos of that little oasis in the city.

Isn't that fish huge?! There were two of them swimming together in the shallow end of the pool. I think they may have been thinking of laying eggs. The turtles were quite calm until someone pointed at them. Then they scurried back into the water. The duck, well he heard that photos were being taken and he came right up for his photograph.


vanessa said...

fantastic photos!
love the pond and the turtle.
now me wanties some camo.

Sheila E said...

SO glad that you are Back!!
I love your pond....wish I had one too! The calming effect of it will be magical...I bet!
The Camo is quite lovely. It will be a pleasure to see it all spun up!
I want a turtle!!
Welcome Home!

Romi said...

Wow! That looks like heaven! Spinning in the shade on the deck. *sigh* Even though I don't spin, I'm tempted!

jenknits said...

Glad you returned safely. Cute turtles. And the camo-oh? Gorgeous! I can't wait to see it spun up!